Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

The Wind River Mountain Festival is a blast. There’s so much going on between the gear demos, slideshows, talks, games, contests, events, live music, craft beer and the booths that it’s easy to spend the weekend at the Festival and do something different every day. Throw the Surly Pika Adventure Race and The Drift winter ultra-marathon into the mix and you’ve got your year covered. While all of that makes events like this really fun, our generous sponsors make these events POSSIBLE. Please take the time to thank and support every one of these businesses and individuals who support events in our community. Their support cannot be understated or taken for granted-without these folks, the Wind River Mountain Festival and many other events in our community would not exist. Period. So while you’re having a ball, take 30 seconds, stop by and tell these folks how much you appreciate their support of local events. It makes a difference to them, and in the long run, to all of us.